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Conveyor Lubricants

Our Dry Film, Thin Film, Conveyor Lubricants are Formulated to Effectively Clean & Lubricate a Wide Range of Industrial Applications. Digilube’s Lubricants Unique Chemistry is Designed to Work with Digilube Automatic Lubrication Equipment in Various Types of Conveyors Systems.

The First Step to Correctly Lubricate your Conveyor System is Picking the Perfect Lubricant for your Application. While It may seem like a daunting task to pick the right Lubricant, we have an Experienced Sales Force that can certainly help.

Please Contact Us to get help finding the right Lubricant for you.



CleanLUBE Lubricant
CleanLUBE by Digilube is a Revolutionary Lubricant for all types of Conveyors. It is a premium, high-temperature, water-based lubricant that will provide unparalleled Clean, Cost-Effective Lubrication. Utilization of this one-of-a-kind Lubricant can reduce Lubricant Consumption and does not have a Flash Point.

Ultra-Film Lubricant

Ultra Film Lubricant
Our Line of Ultra-Film Lubricants consist of Ultra-Film 1, 2, AM and FG. Ultra-Film Lubricates various types of Conveyor Systems, is Moly Free and has varying Flash Points; from Ambient to 265°F. Ultra-Film Food Grade Lubricant is approved by the NSF to be Used in and Around Food Processing Environments. .


These lubricants penetrate into the wear point of chain pins & trolley bearings to protect against wear, rust and corrosion from -65F up to 1200F. Additionally, these conveyor system lubricants can withstand loads of 300,000+ PSI.


LubricantTemperature RangeViscosityPour PointFlash PointColorSuspended
CleanLUBE up to 600°F.66 CST @ 40°C23°FNoneMilky WhiteN/AData Sheet
Ultra-Film 1 up to 600°F4 CST @ 40°C7ºF265°FAmberN/AData Sheet
Ultra-Film 2 up to 600°F3 CST @ 40°C-30°F147°FAmberN/AData Sheet
Ultra-Film AM up to 300°F3 CST @ 40ºC-30°F147°FAmberN/AData Sheet
LP1000 up to 1200°F4 CST @ 40°C-30°F147°FDark GrayGraphite / MOS2Data Sheet
LP1000HF up to 1200°F5 CST @ 40°C7°F265°FDark GrayGraphite / MOS2Data Sheet
LP750 up to 700°F4 CST @ 40ºC-21°F147°FDark GrayMOS2Data Sheet
LP750HF up to 700°F5 CST @ 40ºC7°F265°FDark GrayMOS2Data Sheet
LP750HF - Spray up to 700°F5 CST @ 40ºC7°F265°FDark GrayMOS2Data Sheet
LP505 up to 700°F4 CST @ 40ºC -21°F147°FDark GrayMOS2Data Sheet


Our specialty lubricants are water soluble, synthetic, polyethylene glycol, chain lubricant primarily used in automotive e-coat applications. They effectively lubricate various types of conveyor chains and bearings ranging from -65°F up to 550°F.

LubricantYouth Temperature RangeViscosityPour PointFlash PointColorSuspended
HT100 up to 475°F152 CST @ 40ºCN/A570ºFAmberN/AData Sheet
HT220 up to 500°F250 CST @ 40ºCN/A595ºFAmberN/AData Sheet


Our lubricants are formulated to effectively lubricate all overhead monorail conveyors which are subjected to washers and high temperature ovens (except Ultra-Film AM). They are designed to protect against wear, rust and corrosion at elevated temperatures and can withstand repeated loads in excess of 100,000+ P.S.I.